Paid Optins

Paid Opt ins Are Worthless

Save your self money and frustration by not paying for opt ins. There are many websites and services that will guarantee you visitors to your website, guaranteed clicks or even a guaranteed number of signups. Paid optins are like paying for frustration.

You will notice though that they tell you for best results send the visitors to a free optin page. It is true that you have to give people value in order to get their attention and allow them to see, like and trust you. Giving value is fine, but getting suckered by traffic vendors or solo ad sellers is not okay.

Solo Ads

I am still in the testing phase with Solo Ads, I have been able to get traffic to my website and to get opt ins as well, but so far I have not been able to generate any sales with traffic from Solo Ads. I may have to change that after telling all Paid Opt Ins to unsubscribe from my list. Actually I said “If someone paid you to Opt In to my email list, and you are never going to even take the Trial offer then please unsubcsribe, and go be a Deadbeat on someone else’s list.”

I guess they did not like being called a deadbeat so they tried the Trial. I will have to let you know if those trials turned into actual sales in a future post.


I have added hundreds of email addresses to my mailing list using Solo Ads. Out of those hundreds of people who have been added to my email list there hasn’t been a single sale from Solo Ads.

Opt Ins From Twitter

I have been having great success getting Opt ins from Twitter. I just started Tweeting and promoting a twitter account @embrace_success

I have been getting double digit followers on a daily basis, and almost all of them are going straight to one of my opt in pages to build my list and generate leads. My Twitter success is generated by activities that are free to me on Twitter and using a Free automated app.

Stream Energy Opportunity

Stream Energy







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