Make It To The Leaderboard

How To Get On The Leaderboard

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be recognized in your company by having your name appear on the Leaderboard. It either takes a lot of hard work, or a very good lead generation system. Many times it takes a combination of the two. I have been fortunate to make it to the Leaderboard in my primary company more than once.

Just being on the leaderboard is not enough. Yes the recognition is great, and the potential for income is great also, but staying there is the real challenge. I know that I would not have been able to make it there without training and guidance from others who were already doing what I was trying to do.

Leaderboard in 2 Different Companies in 1 Week

One of the businesses that I am involved in is insurance, which is a tough sell. My first 30 days in the business I was able to bring in 3 agents. My team is still growing, bringing in agents and customers. We are 4 days into this month andĀ  this is how it is going.








One of the other businesses that I am in helps people to get leads for their business. So it is really rewarding to be able to practice what I preach.










Learn How To Generate Leads For Your Business

It does not matter what type of business you are in. You can follow a proven system of getting leads and build your business. You do not have to make a single phone call. You do not have to chase after your friends, family or coworkers. All the leads that you might want or need, are out there right now searching for someone to introduce them to the businessĀ  or businesses that you are already in.

How Did I Do It

I generated my leads this week by going to the places where the leads are and driving them to my websites or to my affiliate links. You do not have to be some tech guru. You do not have write a single line of computer code.

The insurance leads were directed to my website, and the majority of the other leads were generated by using Email. You may have heard of Email Marketing and you may have heard that success is in the list. The question has always been where do I get this list of people to email.

Build Your List

Their are many ways to attract leads to you, and get them to engage with you so that you can send out emails to them to get them to join your list. You can use all the methods that you are already on everyday in order to build leads for your business. You know what they are.

Social Media




Learn From Someone Who Is Doing It

You could learn everything on your own through many free sources on the internet. It is possible but most people will never be able to succeed that way because of the time and knowledge required.

Take the easy way, and learn from others who are already doing what you want to do.