Become An Insurance Agent

How to Become an Insurance Agent

The first step in becoming an insurance agent is to get licensed in the field of insurance that you want to specialize in. Their are numerous online sources for training that will prepare you to take your state exam in the area of insurance specialization that you would like to concentrate on. You must have an entrepreneurial mind. In most cases your income or lack of income will be in direct proportion to your efforts.

We can help you get appointed as a new Property & Casualty ( P & C) insurance agent. You want to know more than just how to become an insurance agent. You will also want to know how much an insurance agent makes.

Independent and Captive Agents

Independent insurance agents are able to contract with and represent multiple insurance carriers. They are able to shop their clients policies across the multiple carriers to find the price and coverage that their clients are looking for. You are free to make as much money as you can (or nothing at all) depending on your personal efforts.

Captive insurance agents are contracted with a single insurance company. Most times they may be a wage earner working out of the agencies office and have their income capped at whatever dollar figure the agency they are working for them sets for them.

Become An Insurance Agent Online

Some business models allow you to generate customers online or face to face. You can work from home or in an office. The core of your business can be in Home owners insurance, Auto insurance, Commercial insurance. If you prefer Property and Casualty insurance can be a supplement to you Life and Health insurance business. If you are an independent agent you get to decide which carriers you get appointed with and how you will run your business.

You can even live in one state and generate sales and residual income from multiple states. Learn how to build a successful insurance agency, and build a team of agents.

Get Appointed as an Insurance agent

After you have completed your training and passed your state exam. In order to start producing sales and making money you have to get appointed with one or more carriers. Be very careful who you decide to work with. Your name will appear on a list of insurance agents and people may see that you are an agent prospect on job sites, and you will start to get phone calls with offers. I say offers and not “job offers” because a job actually pays you but an appointment may pay you at all.

Just because a person gets contracted with an insurance company does not mean that you will make any money. I personally was associated with a company that had me going from door to door in office buildings to speak to business owners about supplemental insurance for their employees. In the 6 months that I worked with that company I made no money. If you are a new insurance broker trying to get appointed, or a seasoned insurance agent.

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Build a Team

When I was working as an independent agent depending only on my own efforts. I made little to no money. Then someone introduced me to a better way to become an insurance agent. Most of the big name agencies give you the ability to build a team of agents that you make override commissions off of . To do so it can take 5 to 7 years to build out an agency that way. There is an insurance company that gives people the opportunity to build an income that normally takes 5 to 7 years to in as little as 10 to 15 months.

After I became associated with this company I had 3 insurance agents on my team in 30 days. Building a team of insurance agents that you earn override commissions on is the the best route to creating the income level and lifestyle that you desire. Learn the requirements to become an agent, and get access to training to become an agent.

If your are interested in potentially creating job quitting residual income in a number of month.

Home and Auto insurance are services that people must have even if no business opportunity is tied to it because they are required by law.

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