Better than Sleep

Each of us has at least one stumbling block that makes it easy for us to neglect our goals. I am not sure what yours is, but mine is sleep. I can sleep standing up, on a train, through turbulence on a plane, through class and sometimes even with my eyes open. The funny thing is sleep irritates me, if I did not have to do it, I never would. Now, after saying all that I still allow unnecessary sleep to keep me from accomplishing goals.

There may be times when we set out goals for ourselves, but do not put ourselves in the position to complete those goals. Prime example would be if you set a goal to lose weight and spend less. Then as part of your process you decide that you will walk up and down the part of your city where all the boutiques and restaurants are. This is an obvious setup for failure.

Does your current plan for success financially and in life include an actual written plan for success. My personal plan for success includes a fixed dollar amount of assets and cash to be acquired by a set date. Along with the assets will be time freedom, debt freedom, my dream home, and dream car. Ok so I have written down my goals it is your turn to write yours down along with a set date for achieving them.

Although sleep is satisfying and necessary at times. Success is so much better than sleep.

Stephen Johnson
Embrace Success

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